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Building an Interface Management Team within a Project

Interface Management Team

The objective of the interface management process is to guarantee the proper functioning of a system composed of many interfacing sub-systems. Ineffective interface management is often responsible for the failure of large systems development projects; interface mismatches causing delays in commissioning and excessive re-work. Interface integrity is particularly important with projects involving stringent safety and security requirements. The existence of multiple interfaces is a risk raiser in the management of a systems integration project. This risk is managed by following a pre-planned interface management process. The primary goal of the Interface Management System through tracking these interfaces to closure is to ensure that design, engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction are performed with a minimum risk of subsequent changes or design flaws related to interface issues.

The objectives of the Interface Management System are to: Provide a framework for the identification and definition of all interfaces. Provide a system that eliminates gaps and overlaps in work scope packages between various contractors. Provide a system that tracks the progress of the resolution of interfaces. Provide a means for assessing the impact on the project if an interface information requirement is not received in a timely fashion. Provide a system whereby issues can be identified and resolved in an orderly and time efficient manner to minimize impact on the project. Provide a framework for defining engineering requirements at an interface. Highlight critical areas and potential conflicts. Schedule and update interface activities. Interfaces between each of the contractors will be controlled by Geostock US. Each contractor shall be responsible for tracking its own interface correspondence and filings. Geostock US will keep a master file of all of the contractor interfaces to help ensure that all items are tracked and closed out in an timely and agreeable manner between the contractors and Geostock US.

All formal project communication from one vendor/contractor to another that either requests information or identifies potential problems must be issued in the form of a Technical Query. Smaller items may be done in the form of an email, but each technical query or email should have a unique identifier number assigned to it for tracking purposes. The Technical Query Registry is a spreadsheet format database set up to record and track all project interfaces and to assure that all questions are answered promptly and that the affected parties are fully informed of the manner in which the problem areas were resolved. This Registry will record the following information for tracking the technical queries/interface issues:

Interface Management Systems

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