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The purpose of this plan is to establish an interface management process to manage key interfaces that arise during the planning and execution of the {PROJECT}. In order for the project to eliminate waste (time and capital), interfaces must be managed. The interface management process consists of planning, identification, approving, auditing and closing-out interfaces. Closing out these interfaces is critical to the successful implementation and execution of the {PROJECT}. This procedure addresses the following:

  • Outline the process for successfully coordinating and managing all key interfaces.
  • Define the responsibilities for each of the teams involved with the interface requests such that the individuals are accountable to follow up the required actions.
  • Define how key interfaces are identified, logged into an interface register and tracked until completion.
  • Logging all key interfaces into an accessible register, and actively keep the interface register up to date.
  • Define the workflow that interface requests will follow throughout their life cycle.
  • Establish the process to monitor the status of the interface requests contained within the register, and actively make certain that all requests are closed-out in a timely manner.
  • Implement the system by which the parties coordinate their interface activities.
  • Facilitate communications between parties, including conflict resolution.
  • Promote clear and consistent communication among the involved project team members for transmitting interface information.

1.1 Objectives

The primary objectives of this procedure and its implementation are as follows:

  • Identify the appropriate personnel who will be responsible for each interface request and for resolution of the interface request
  • Provide a system which will facilitate the identification of interfaces, and address the specific interface request requirements
  • Establish a procedure that promotes efficient management of interface issues from initiation to close out
  • Define methods for communication and coordination of interface requests between various parties
  • Facilitate clear and frequent communications amongst parties
  • Facilitate the agreement of a schedule for interface request resolution and close-out
  • Define a means for the control, expediting, and reporting of progress on the transfer of interface requests
  • Define processes of assurance that interface requests are effectively identified and managed


COMPANY’s expectations for CONTRACTOR’s Interface Management Procedure are to:

  • Ensure internal interfaces are identified and managed early via a structured process;
  • Ensure agreement between CONTRACTOR and CONTRACTOR groups on roles, responsibilities and timing for providing such information;
  • Promote clear, accurate, timely and consistent communication with CONTRACTOR groups for transferring internal interface information required to progress the Services;
  • Identify internal interface issues with potential for impacts to cost or schedule quickly and communicate to all relevant CONTRACTOR groups, including Company, in order to minimize their impact;
  • All participants within the CONTRACTOR and CONTRACTOR groups are responsible for identifying and communicating internal interface issues to their lead supervisor, manager, or the designated
Interface Coordinators:
  • Internal interface issues will be identified, catalogued, assessed for impact, assigned and managed throughout the duration of the PROJECT;
  • Internal interface issues will be resolved at the appropriate working level within the Project organization to minimize rework (for example, engineers responsible for the design and design verification);
  • Regularly advise Company on the status of resolution of internal interface issues;
  • Internal interface activities will be coordinated with other CONTRACTOR work groups and process such as Management of Change, HES, QMS, and Risk Management to improve process efficiencies and avoid duplication of efforts.
All internal interfaces, whether with subcontractors or suppliers or consultants, shall be established through written procedures. These procedures shall ensure:
  • Development of comprehensive internal interface matrices and registers
  • Full understanding of work scope accountabilities and responsibilities by all CONTRACTOR and CONTRACTOR group personnel
  • Information distribution through a formal system at the required times
  • Regular, documented meetings and other communication to complete internal interface agreements and agree on assignments, actions, and dates for tasks to be completed
  • Single-point accountability for internal interfaces


  • COMPANY - {Insert Project Owner Here}
  • PROJECT - {Insert Project Name Here}
  • CONTRACTOR - This term refers to any contractor working on PROJECT under a work contract with COMPANY
  • PMT - Project Management Team
  • Interface - See Section 3.
  • Interface Request - A query from a requesting party on one team, soliciting a response from another party on a different team that would clarify an issue on an interface.
  • Requesting Party - The party initiating an interface request.
  • Responsible Party - The party responsible for responding to an interface request.
  • Interface Coordinator - A team member that approves outgoing interface requests, and ensures that incoming requests are responded to in a timely manner.
  • Interface Manager - The individual that works in conjunction with the project manager to ensure the interface process is adhered to, and that all interface issues are tracked to close-out.
  • WIMS - Workflow and Interface Management System. The software used to manage interface request initiation, reporting and closeout.


An interface is defined as a point of connect between entities working on a common project. This point can be:
  • Physical - Physical interaction between components
  • Functional - Functional Requirements between systems
  • Contractual - Interactions between subcontractors/suppliers
  • Organizational - Information exchanged between disciplines
  • Knowledge - General information exchanged between parties
  • Resource - Points of dependencies between equipment, material, and labor suppliers


An internal interface is one where the complete responsibility lies within CONTRACTOR’s scope of work.


Any part of the Scope of Work under the responsibility of CONTRACTOR which may influence, or be influenced by, the scope of work covered by any other contract related to the PROJECT.


Key interfaces are interfaces that are managed by the {PROJECT} Interface Management Team, nominated leads and/or interface coordinator. The {PROJECT} Interface Coordinator will oversee and monitor these interface activities and will provide proactive support to the nominated focal points for coordinating interfaces within each discipline. Key interfaces will be entered in the {PROJECT} WIMS and tracked to completion.



  • Develops and implements the Interface Management Procedure.
  • Ensures consistency in the project wide application of the Interface Management Procedure.
  • Oversees and monitors project wide internal and external interface management activity.
  • Maintains the master Interface Request Register.
  • Regularly reports on status of key interface activity.


  • Participate in Interface Meetings with affected/involved parties as required to manage interfaces.
  • Review outgoing interface requests and serve as interface request approver
  • Ensure resolution of inbound interface requests
  • Actively monitor interface request register to: expediting requests and open/update/close requests on behalf of their team
  • Provide collaborative interface resolution support.
  • Serve as PMT liaison between contractor and operating plant point of contact.
  • Inform Interface Manager of potential impacts due to unsatisfactory resolution response.


Individual submitting an Interface Request for a response


Individual responsible for responding to an Interface Request.


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