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We can manage interfaces with WIMS, but why not go from this:

to this?:

In order to keep track of your interface register, you should have already defined your project layout and your project organizational structure. You then define the process that an interface request goes through based on the roles of the individuals related to the interface request and the project org structure. Since the project and orgchart has been defined, you are already really close to tracking any other requests between project team members.


Compare this to a deliverable workflow that might look like:

In order to track deliverables in addition to interfaces, we only need to

  • Define a two roles: Discipline Manager and Engineering Manager
  • Define a new workflow for deliverables
  • Add a new entry register for deliverables

This can be applied to almost any interaction (Lessons Learned, TQs, Risks, Deliverables, HAZID/HAZOPs, Tasks, etc.) between subcontractors (or internal requests). Instead of tracking only interface requests, we can add new registers that may end up looking like this:

Now, instead of a great system for tracking interfaces, we can manage any type of request that has a definable workflow. This makes WIMS a powerful system for managing complex projects.